Turning data into useful information makes us feel all 'dreamy'

Big Data. The Cloud. Artificial Intelligence bringing doom to all mankind. A lot of nonsence and hype!


For sure, we live in changing times in assessing student progress and understanding what works well, and why, in education.


Let us do the hard stuff, and present you with the information you need, at the time you need it, to make more informed decisions.


In Primary schools, leadership and staff need to know who is on target to meet their Age Related Expectations at every stage during the year.  EYFS, KS1 and KS2 all bring different considerations, and so you'd also want to know if there are any common patterns in misconceptions at the National Currcilulm strand level.


You might also be tracking 'smileys' or other measures of praise and rewards, or dealing with misbehaviour or conduct issues.


Of course, tracking attendance is vital, and understanding any 'at risk' groups.  Being able to set up alerts so you know the instant any Key Performance Indicator starts to raise warning signals, is essential to effective management and governance.

In Secondary schools 'Life without Levels' can still be an uncertain time in KS3. Decisions have to be made on continuing to track on a levelled approach, use a scheme, or devise in-school measures for knowledge aquisition across the curriculum.  KS4 changes to Progress 8 bring additional complexity in yearly changing Attainment 8 expectations; changes to the fine points KS2 values and scale on entry; and of course, the transition to 1-9 scales for GCSEs.


Early intervention on attendance issues is vital. Identifying patterns in statutory attendance is imporant, but analysing the session attendance that underpins them provides a much deeper understanding.


Students and parents alike need access to the same information presented in a form that is appropriate for them to understand at a glance:

  • Has any work been missed due to non attendance? In which subjects? Who should be contacted to discuss catching up?

  • Has there been any statutory attendance issue(s)? If so, on which days throughout the year?

  • What are my subject targets, current grades and how far have I progressed this school year?

  • How has my attainment and progress been across all the years I've been at school?

  • What is the current level of my achievement and merits, or behaviour and detentions? 

We use technology by Microsoft, the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, to bring you a best-in-class experience for all your data, information and reporting requirements.  We build beautiful, clear and usable Apps to extend this experience to all teachers, students and parents.  Check out what we can do below.

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