Pre-canned solutions for all phases.

We have taken our Apps and DATAIMPACT platform and have worked for many years directly with education partners to craft solutions that deliver on the requirements that the sector demands.  This means we can deliver them to you to solve yours.


Working extensively with schools and Trusts who needed an assessment and analytics solution that could combine data from the MIS and external sources, provide data capture of its own, and understand national benchmark data. It needed to deliver meaningful analytics while significantly reducing the time taken to input, manage and distribute this data and information.

This is what the Primary solution does, covering Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2.  Typical key performance indicators include GLD, Phonics, Reading Writing and Maths both current and predicted and external data.


Our secondary solution focuses on the assessment needs in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, and delivers quick and easy ways for assessment to be made, or to combine this with data from the MIS or other external sources.

Key Stage 3 can include a 'Competency Curriculum' developed by the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.  Key Stage 4 of course covers Progress 8 and eBacc calculations and Key Stage 5 measures of value add. 


Trusts come to us either to extend the core MIS analytics provided by Groupcall Analytics, or to simply consume data that does not come from the MIS. 


We have helped many Trusts get to grips with adding 'Interim Assessment' analytics, and specific features covering safeguarding, finance, operations, Ofsted, Diocese requirements and much more.  Our Trust solution templates can therefore speed your delivery and get insight fast.


We've a long history running workshops to advise Education Ministries directly, or their advisors and system integrators on regional or national scale education data warehousing, analytics and AI. 


Not only are we help to understand the 'art of the possible' in this field, but we also build rapid proof of concepts, pilots, and full production systems.  We have now built our experience into a solution template applicable for International education audiences.

Often, simple is better.

Making sense of data is hard enough.  Let us simplify what you need to do with one of our pre-canned solutions and that will let you find the time to teach and run your schools.