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Does VR add anything to Analytics and AI in Edu?

During 2019 I was lucky enough to be invited to present an innovative VR concept at AIED ( in Chicago. We took the underpinnings of our analytics data from a Primary school, and overlaid our Machine Learning predictive algorithms for end of KS2 outcomes in Reading and Maths. To demonstrate a possible benefit in the VR environment being 'experiential', we took a little artistic licence and added some potential Reading and Maths interventions that could be applied to identified pupils. These interventions would impact learning or behaviour in some way, and much like the research described by visible learning or the EEF toolkit, add a certain level of progress to the pupils, based on the progress made by the cohort as a whole.

Please forgive the amateur nature of the video - it is academic rather than commercial, but does highlight the types of paths we are exploring for innovative applications of VR, machine learning, and analytics. Enjoy!

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