• Matt Woodruff

Coscole refocused.

March 2020 ushers in a new period for Coscole. Having spent two years focusing on the production and implementation of Groupcall Analytics with what is now Community Brands UK, we are now doubling down on our own Apps, Solutions, Data Packs and Services that are both entirely complementary to, and independent of, Groupcall Analytics. Rest assured, the companies strategies are still connected in this area, and we continue to work very closely together in the field of analytics.

Our work with Trusts such as Greenwood and Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust are at the forefront of our offering, as well as in the Independent sector with forward thinking colleges and schools such as Wellington College and the Royal Grammar School Guildford. We are enabling single schools to benefit from the power of analytics too.

Alongside our Apps, we will be actively engaging with work internationally, building on prior national scale pilots in Malta, and proof of concepts with Common Core Standards in the USA. Of course, we will be bringing through a flavour of our well regarded work in AI and predictive analytics - all designed to reduce the burden of data, freeing time for educators to educate, and providing the ability for all to Understand Data and Impact Outcomes. Exciting times. #DATAIMPACT.

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