KiSync is a bit like having two tin cans and a piece of super high-tech string.

KiSync works as an 'out of the box' connector that extracts data automatically every day from Capita SIMS and sends it to our data mart where we feed it into our education models to produce analytics across the full range of KiData products. This data can also supply student, group and timetable information to our KiLearning products, making learning a snap.


If you're not a SIMS school, KiSync actually works straight from our website here and allows you to upload the data for our other products in the form of spreadsheets or comma seperated value (CSV) files.  Each product of ours has a list of the data it needs to work, as well as example files for you to complete.  Most school management information systems will be able to produce appropriate CSV files, but just get in touch with your MIS provider if you are unsure.

"I'm (in) a Multi Academy Trust - can you aggregate all our data in a Trust Dashboard?"


We sure can!  In fact, that's one of our favourite things to do...

It gets more interesting if you are a Multi Academy Trust as we have a mapping routine that ensures that apples in one school are apples in another - thereby enabling cross trust comparisons and an ability to ask more focussed questions for effective governance.


Adopting KiSync across a Trust will enable you to take advantage of our KiPower product - instantly bringing to life a set of key performance indicators covering attendance, behaviour and exclusions, achievement, attainment and progress.


Designing, building and testing a data warehouse from scratch, as well as operating and maintaining it into the future could be a costly exercise - why not use ours - we've done it already.


"Just what I need - a dashboarding solution that ticks all the boxes!"

Bottom line: KiSync provides the data that powers all our Apps. 

Photo driven data exploration - your new War Wall!

Class level info & analytics for Teachers

For students and parents to view & understand data

Stock reports for PowerBI - saving you time & money