KiCV raises your profile

The App for Office 365 that helps students build a portfolio of evidence during their studies, and produces high quality, professional Curriculum Vitae when it matters.

Those students who are focussed on achieving the qualifications and experience to secure employment will benefit from being able to log their skills and experience gained as they progress through their learning journey, and to produce multiple tailored, high quality curriculum vitae when the time comes.


KiCV is the App that enables them to do just that.

The CV App provides you with a flexible way to record all relevant information to produce a high quality Curriculum Vitae.  The great thing about it is you can record elements of the CV as you go along – in bite sized chunks.


It’s flexible because you can decide which pieces of information you want to include on any CV you generate, and you can generate as many CVs as you need to; perhaps focussing on different skills for different opportunities.


It’s easy to use, generates your CVs in Microsoft Word, and saves them automatically to your OneDrive folder.  This means that even after you’ve generated your CV, if you’d like to amend, or change the formatting further, it’s all up to you!

KiCV is structured around a number of sections against which you can record evidence.  You can create as many entries in these sections as you need to, which comprise:

  • About you

  • Work Experience & Volunteering

  • Entrepreneurial Activities

  • Projects

  • Education

  • Skills & Qualifications

  • Personal Profile & Interests

  • References


Each section has a short reference panel to provide handy hints, tips on how to write compelling content, and provide links to resources for further information.


The real innovation is in the CV Builder.  When you go to build a CV you can order the sections anyway you choose - and even decide which evidence to include and which not to.  In this way, building tailored CVs for every opportunity is a breeze!

Once you are happy that your section placement is right for the job or opportunity, and that it highlights your strengths and experiences to best effect, you can generate the CV.


The best place for your CV is of course saved to OneDrive - from here it can be shared easily with a peer, teacher, mentor or parent before sending on to that all important application.  If you'd like to download and store your CV elsewhere - then that's fine too!

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