KiClass makes it easy for teachers to understand the data that relates to their own classes, or those of others.  It picks up where KiVisual leaves off, by ordering and sorting class data by latest attendance, attainment, behaviour or achievement and then providing complete historical breakdowns of a students progress over time since they started school.

KiClass is part of the KiData suite of Apps for Office 365.  Teachers use KiClass to:

  • sort students in classes by attendance, attainment, behaviour or achievement.

  • see at agalnce information on Pupil Premium or SEND.

  • view all historical student data in charts plotting attainment over time.

  • get class reports and tracking grids to determine progress against targets, and export to PDF and Excel for printing.

  • keep a student personal profile up to date and link to other documentation in Office 365 or OneDrive.

  • see data just as Students and Parents will see it - using the App KiReport.