We know that there are many great EdTech partners supplying you with the functionality you need to assess, safeguard, plan, budget and generally operate your schools.  That's why we produce the packs to help you join their data together.  


We love external assessment as we believe the information provided in the form of standardised scores not only provides great triangulation with teacher assessment, but also the surety in year on how your cohort compares to a standardised norm.

As we have worked with schools and Trusts that use organisations such as GL Assessment, Rising Stars, and CEM we have built a set of upload routines and analytics that support them.  Speak to us about your external assessment and we are sure we'll have it covered. 


Analytics allow us to consider the whole view of the child, and in many schools the priority is about how we ensure effective safeguarding and identify those who are at risk early.  Analytics can help identify patterns and outlier behaviour - especially when combined with data from the MIS.

We have therefore worked with Trusts and providers such as CPOMS in order to provide important views on this data, and to do more to understand the contextual influences in order to intervene early.


All schools will use financial software such as FMS, PS Financials, Sage and others to monitor and track budgets and management accounts.  Trusts and schools have been asking us for some time if there is a way for them to see this information in the same analytics solution as other school KPI, and perform comparative analysis between school or to national publicly available benchmarks.


Our Financial data pack is designed to allow the upload of common financial information in order to do just that. 


As we progressed to explore more effective safeguarding analytics, it became clear that safeguarding teams, especially in Secondary, were also spending time reviewing separate case logs on internet filtering and exception reporting. 


Allowing access to this data in the same environment as data from the Management Information System and other vital safeguarding logs saves a huge amount of time and lets you see richer contextual patterns. 

Henry here is made up, as we've brought all his disparate data together in one place. He can now work more days from home, and get to chess club early on a Thursday.