Everyone is an education Data Super Hero

DATAIMPACT is a platform and suite of web Apps that provide the right information to the right person at the right time, in order for them to make more informed decisions. 

The Access app is your point of entry to the world of education analytics.  It is free to sign up and access national and open data to benchmark your school or Trust performance. 


If you choose to subscribe to other Apps or solutions, you use the Access app to upload and manage your non-MIS data


The Build app is where we build learning and assessment structures, add the mapping to your external systems, and import existing templates published by us or custom to your school or Trust.

It is also where you'll go to assign the structures to students, in order for them to be tracked.


The Track app is the go-to day to day tracking app for teachers.  Quick and easy to enter assessments on computers, tablets or even mobile with touch friendly layouts.

Summary data is available showing attainment and progress and for Trust users a single app to access all schools with a single account.


Develop is the app to use to bring to life the process of school development, department or subject development, and professional development.

Let technology do the workflow and save you time, provide consistency and value year to year, and deliver great analytics and insight on top.


Have we mentioned we LOVE data?

Progress 8, Ebacc, Open, Steps, Stages, GLD, Phonics, Standardised Age Scores, Incidents, Attendance, Absence.


Whatever it is you measure, we can visualise it and in our own little way, help set you on the path to sustained systemic performance improvement.