"Evidence about the benefits of collaborative learning has been found consistently for over 40 years and a number of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of research studies have been completed. In addition to direct evidence from research into collaborative learning  approaches, there is also indirect evidence where collaboration has been shown to increase the effectiveness of other approaches such as mastery learning or digital technology." (Education Endowment Foundation, available online here

At coscole we believe that learning can be particularly effective when performed collaboratively, or socially.  Today, young people engage through multiple modalities and by using different services depending on their own personal and situational factors.


We live in a time where, increasingly, students learn differently between the hours of 3.30pm and 8.30am from the way they do during the period they are in that place called 'school'.  Online they play, socialise, and build together, and by doing so, learn together.

Constructivism argues that knowledge and meaning is generated from interactions between people and their experiences.  
Piaget's theory has had wide ranging influences on learning theories and teaching methods in education.
Jean Piaget
Founder of Constructivism
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We work with schools like yours to help you understand how technology, often free in education, can support and enable collaborative learning scenarios.  One of these 'Killer' Apps is OneNote - available on iPad, Android and mobile devices to truly enable anywhere, anytime access to learning.
We also recommend Yammer - the social network for staff and students that comes as part of Office 365.  Use Yammer for whole school staff collaboration or departmental groups, or with students as a tool for student voice.  
You can even use Yammer to create external networks for those important people that need to be connected as part of the school community, but who aren't typically granted a school account - parents, governors, mentors and local employers are all great examples.

Our KiLearning platform builds on, and integrates with, these great collaborative tools and Office 365 to bring simple homework assignment through to complete course design and tracking.


We keep things simple - so you can focus on teaching and learning.