Coscole has created an analytics platform that helps people turn data into knowledge to make more informed decisions.  We reduce the data burden, saving teachers and leaders time - to reinvest in raising outcomes.  We innovate, applying data science and ethical AI solutions to augment human ability everywhere in education.

Don't be just another person with an opinion


W. Edwards Deming once wrote, "Without data, you are just another person with an opinion".  Whilst aptly summing up the validity of decision making devoid of fact, we believe that simply having access to data often does not help.  Like oil, data needs to be refined to be useful, and if your data is merely interesting rather than useful then frankly you are just wasting your time.  We remove the burden all too often associated with turning data into information.  People don't need more data, in all likelihood you need less of it.  Just better quality data to make better quality decisions.

Cloud based platforms to help educators and leaders understand student, staff and institution performance.


Our Apps for DATAIMPACT start with FREE access to National and Public / Open data.  We also have Apps for building learning or assessment structures, tracking student progress, and for school, department and staff professional development. 


Because we have worked at school, trust and education ministries in the UK and Internationally we have pre-built solutions for Primary and Secondary schools, Multi Academy Trusts and larger groups such as US School districts and Ministries.


We know you need data from other systems.  That's why we have data pack modules for standardised assessment, finance, safeguarding and others.  Adding custom support for your own data is easy with CSV upload support, joining to your own data warehouse.  

We love data.  We love turning data into information to help you make better decisions.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford  

Right on Henry, we couldn't agree more.  This sums up how we like working with both our customers and partners, without whom we'd have nothing, but together we can accomplish anything.